My Failed Online T-shirt Store

The Master Plan

Tribe identified? Is the product niche enough? Check

No inventory, no handling, no shipping? Check

Time-to-market under 20 minutes? Check

Some of my designs. I think they were not too bad! These ones are not too niche.

Dead simple pricing strategy? Good price compared to competitors? Check

Geeky name with available .com domain? Check

My shop logo. ‘t#’ in a roundel with a t-shirt neck. Nice, huh?

The Product

My baby

Zero sales 👌

What Went Wrong?

Don’t worry if you don’t get this meme-joke I made, it just means you’re not part of my target tribe. But I promise you, it’s funny or at least it would make you giggle.

That’s all folks…

So why I think it failed? 👎

What next? ⏭️

Readings 📚



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